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ISBN/UPC 9781488008672
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  • Fiction
  • Romance
  • Suspense
Publication Year: September 1, 2016

Witness Pursuit

Hope White

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GUARDING THE WITNESS When Cassie McBride discovers a dead body in a rental cabin, she quickly becomes the killer's next target. Now the upbeat, chatty property manager is under the personal protection of police chief Nate Walsh—the living embodiment of the strong, silent type. Nate's tragic past has taught him that a cop falling for a pretty witness can lead to disaster. Dogged at every turn by the murderer, Nate must stay focused and not let his growing feelings for Cassie interfere with his duty. If there's any hope for Cassie—or a future for them—it's going to take all Nate's skill to not only keep her safe...but to keep her alive.