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Publication Year: August 4, 2009

The Arms Maker of Berlin

Dan Fesperman

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An unflinching thriller from Dan Fesperman that takes us deep into the White Rose resistance movement during World War II.When Nat Turnbull's mentor, Gordon Wolfe, is arrested for possession of a missing WWII secret service archive and then turns up dead in jail, Nat's quiet academic life is suddenly thrown into tumult. The archive is a time bomb of sensitive material, but key documents are still missing, and the FBI dispatches Nat to track them down. Following a trail of cryptic clues, Nat's journeys to Germany, where he soon crosses paths with Berta, a gorgeous and mysterious student and Kurt Bauer, an arms billionaire with a dark past. As their tales intersect, long-buried exploits of deceit emerge, and each step becomes more dangerous than the last.From the Trade Paperback edition.