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Publication Year: January 4, 2018


Franz Kafka

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Benedict Cumberbatch reads Franz Kafka's famous story of man-turned-insect, MetamorphosisWinner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFileAfter a night of troubled dreams, Gregor Samsa wakes to discover that he has turned into a huge, monstrous, cockroach-like creature, with an armour-plated back and multiple limbs.Gradually, he comes to terms with his new state – but his parents and sister are horrified and increasingly revolted. To them, Gregor is unclean, verminous and entirely repellent, and as he becomes more and more of a burden, their horror turns to a terrible indifference...First published in 1915, Kafka's surreal existential novella explores concepts such as the absurdity of life, alienation and the disconnect between mind and body. Read by Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek, The Imitation Game), this tale – often described as one of the greatest in the history of fiction – is chilling, captivating and darkly comic.Duration: 1 hr 40 mins approx.