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ISBN/UPC 9781492604341
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  • Juvenile Fiction
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  • Mystery
Publication Year: March 3, 2015

Rose and the Silver Ghost

Holly Webb

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"This is an amazing book that ends the series in the best possible way." –The Guardian on the UK EditionTime has flown since Rose left the orphanage behind for her new family at Mr. Fountain's magical house. But when the stern Miss Fell comes to stay at the mansion, Rose can't help but notice the extra attention Miss Fell gives her. When Rose sees the flash of a face in Miss Fell's mirror—a face that's familiar and foreign at the same time—her suspicions are confirmed that Miss Fell might know more about Rose's past than she's letting on...Can a hidden picture, a silver mirror, and a timid ghost lead Rose to the truth about her family?Praise for Rose: "Warm and sparkling and magical and fun." –Bestselling author Hilary McKay"A book as satisfying and familiar as a cup of hot cocoa." –Shelf Awareness"Magic, mystery, adventure, and friendship—this book has it all. The characters are delightful children, each searching for their special place in the world. I loved the book and would heartily recommend it to kids ages 9 and up, especially to fans of Harry Potter." –Books for Kids