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Publication Year: November 22, 2016

More Than You Know

Jo Goodman

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Vowing to reclaim his Charleston plantation following the War Between the States, Rand Hamilton turns to the only means remaining: the lost treasure that has cursed his family for centuries.But to finance the expedition, he must agree to the terms of his wealthy London benefactor: allow the Duke's bluestocking goddaughter to accompany him.Wary of Claire Bancroft, Rand welcomes the haunted woman aboard his clipper ship, unaware she naively holds the key to the impossible riddle that will lead him to the glorious treasure--and a passion neither of them can deny.THE HAMILTON FAMILY, in series orderMore Than You KnowMore Than You WishedTHE COMPASS CLUB, in series orderLet Me Be The OneEverything I Ever WantedAll I Ever NeededBeyond A Wicked KissTHE DENNEHY SISTERS, in series order:Only My LoveMy Heart's DesireForever in My HeartAlways in My DreamsOnly in My ArmsTHE MARSHALL BROTHERS, in series order:Her Defiant HeartHis Heart's RevengeTHE THORNE BROTHERS TRILOGY, in series order:My Steadfast HeartMy Reckless HeartWith All My Heart