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ISBN/UPC 9781453277157
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Publication Year: October 2, 2012

Cruel Justice

William Bernhardt

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A routine personal injury case leads a lawyer into a decade-old murder mystery: "[A] superb legal thriller . . . Wonderfully diverting reading" (Booklist). Ben Kincaid's air-conditioner is on the fritz, his staff is on half-pay, and his sister has just disappeared, leaving him holding her baby. He needs fast money, and a quick-and-dirty personal injury suit could do the job. But what looks like a sure-fire case turns out to be something far more complicated. His prospective client hopes to rescue his son—a twenty-eight-year-old with the mind of a child. Ten years earlier, Leeman was accused of murdering a woman with a golf club, and he has been locked in a mental institution ever since. Now he is finally about to come to trial, and Kincaid sees no way to save him. But when a young Tulsa boy goes missing, Kincaid senses a connection between the two cases. Finding the abductor and could mean saving lives—Leeman's, the kidnapped child's, and those of the countless victims to come.