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ISBN/UPC 9781005780548
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Publication Year: July 21, 2020

Grace Spilling Over / True Stories of God's Tender Mercies

Janet Chester Bly

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Ever wonder if God is always good and can ever be really trusted? Many of the folks in these true stories did.Here are people like you. They faced troubles. They got impatient for relief from heartbreaking problems. They often asked, "Why?" But through God's delays, they eventually found all they needed in Him. These encouraging true anecdotes wrapped with prayer and Bible verses will help you enter His quiet and linger to listen.No easy answers presented. No Band-Aids for gaping wounds. No flinching from looking cruelty squarely in the eye. Yet hope vibrates with life in these pages. Illuminating stories of humor and pathos provide steadfast confidence in God's wisdom and goodness. You will see how God prepares us for what lies ahead.When you truly believe that God is good, even when life is bad, you'll clear the distortions in your thinking. You'll experience deep and abiding comfort. You'll find spiritual victory.