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  • True Crime
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Publication Year: December 13, 2018

The Secrets of the Krays--My Life in the Firm

John Dickson

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The inside story of life with the KraysJohn Dickson arrived in London from Edinburgh in 1964, looking for work...and adventure. He soon found it in the pubs and card clubs of the East End, where he met and go to know the twins and the members of the 'firm'. He was, for many years, a close and trusted henchman of the Krays, and was the man who drove Ronnie to the Blind Beggar pub the night that George Cornell was shot.In this explosive book, Dickson tells the inside story of Ronnie and Reggie's gangland underworld. He recounts the increasingly erratic and senselessly violent behaviour of the twins, and their final arrest, which came at a time when they had thought they were invincible. The Secrets of the Krays is an illuminating and thrilling journey into the world of the East End's most notorious sons.