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ISBN/UPC 9781683701743
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  • Historical Fiction
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Publication Year: November 13, 2018

Midnight Rescue

Catherine Marshall

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"Hey, boy—" she began, and then her heart turned cold as stone.Prince was gone! Even in the twilight gloom, she could tell that he was nowhere in the pasture.Young Ruby Mae Morrison and the mission's black stallion vanish in a furious storm and Christy is determined to find them. As Christy desperately searches for Ruby Mae in the cold, blinding rain, she runs headlong into three angry moonshiners bent on revenge against anyone who might try to stop their illegal activities.Can Christy survive this most terrifying test of her faith and courage?————————————————————Based on Catherine Marshall's novel Christy—a New York Times bestseller—the Christy® of Cutter Gap series contains expanded adventures filled with romance, intrigue, and excitement.