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ISBN/UPC 9781773052595
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Publication Year: September 27, 2018

Nobody Cares

Anne T. Donahue

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"The internet's best friend." — FlareFrom the author of the popular newsletter That's What She Said, Nobody Cares is a frank, funny personal essay collection about work, failure, friendship, and the messy business of being alive in your twenties and thirties.As she shares her hard-won insights from screwing up, growing up, and trying to find her own path, Anne T. Donahue's debut book offers all the honesty, laughs, and reassurance of a late-night phone call with your best friend. Whether she's giving a signature pep talk, railing against summer, or describing her own mental health struggles, Anne reminds us that failure is normal, saying no to things is liberating, and that we're all a bunch of beautiful disasters — and she wouldn't have it any other way.