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ISBN/UPC 9781510718135
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Publisher Skyhorse Publishing
Publication Year: February 7, 2017

The Joy of Hygge

Jonny Jackson

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Hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah") is a Danish word that describes the feeling of being cozy, comfortable, and at peace with the world. It's almost impossible to translate to English, and it's probably the reason that Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world.According to the London Evening Standard, hygge takes us beyond mindful meditation and adult coloring books and introduces us to a comfortable, warm, relaxing lifestyle exemplified by those in Denmark.The Joy of Hygge is packed with recipes to warm you on a cold winter's evening, craft ideas for decorating your home, and inspirational suggestions for enjoying the magic of everyday pleasures. Whether you discover the technique for brewing the perfect cup of coffee, a recipe for a delicious Danish apple cake to share with friends, or instructions for creating a snuggly pair of hand-knitted socks, you'll find that a little hygge brings a lot of happiness.In addition to crafts and recipes, you'll also learn tips for a new take on mindfulness.